Things to Do in Kings Cross, London

Kings Cross in London is a buzzing hub of working Londoners, tourists and students, travelling in and out of the city. Its rich historical background and recent redevelopment are just a couple of the reasons that make Kings Cross one of London’s leading tourist destinations. As a result, there is always plenty to see and do here.

London - Palace of Westminster, UK

Granary Square

Granary Square sits on the banks of the Regent Canal. It is a historic part of Kings Cross, where barges once used to unload their produce for sale in the city. Granary Square is still very closely tied to the water; as well as being close to the canal, it has some of the most exquisite fountains in London.

The square features more than one thousand choreographed fountains organised into four rectangular blocks across the square. During hot summer days, children can go there to cool off and splash around; in the cool evenings, the lights of the fountains begin their multi-coloured dance. We recommend choosing one of Granary Square’s many restaurants for a late-night meal and angling for a window table; that way you can be entertained by these majestic fountains while you eat.

A child cups a small stream of slow flowing water from a single tap.

British Library

This library is home to more than one hundred and fifty million items ranging from original lyrics drafted by The Beatles to the Magna Carta. It also houses one of the biggest book collections in the world, making it a must-visit for history buffs and bookworms.

If you’re excited by exhibitions, be sure to check out the British Library’s exhibition on Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms which will include the famous Beowulf, and Bede’s Ecclesiastical History, alongside the return of the Codex Amiatinus after its 1,300 years abroad in Italy. This exhibition will explore the very beginnings of the British language and literature, contained in ancient books decorated with gold. This exhibition runs from Oct 19th 2018 to Feb 19th 2019.

 An Open Book

The library is located a short thirteen minutes’ walk from Swinton Hotel, and entry to all visitors is free. Visitors are required to first register online before they can gain access to the library.

Wellcome Collection

If you can’t get enough of free museums and libraries, then head on down to the Wellcome Collection. Its wide-ranging exhibits are a testament to the enthusiasm demonstrated by its founder, Sir Henry Wellcome, and they focus on projects relating to medicine, life, culture, and the human condition.
Part of its trust started in 2007, and it now attracts close to five hundred thousand visitors each year. You can visit the museum to enjoy its extensive collection of activities, such as their ‘Living with Buildings’ exhibition running from Oct 4th 2018 to March 3rd 2019. The Wellcome centre boats a huge variety of talks, seminars, festivals and tours. These events change from day to day, so be sure to check out their website at the bottom of this article to see what’s going on during your stay in the Swinton Hotel.

 People Talking

Bar Pepito

The Bar is a vibrant taste of Spanish culture that helps bring the sunshine to an otherwise cloudy London. The small space, which sits across from its sister restaurant, the Camino, provides a traditional and intimate Andalusian bodega, ideal for after-work drinks.

In addition to  sherry and wine, this bar also offers tapas dishes such as the delicious sounding Tortilla de Patatas. Their pudding menu is titled ‘Tapas Dulces’ – sweet tapas – and includes molten chocolate pudding and a Galician tart, in case you prefer your sherry drinking to be accompanied by indulgent sweets.

Red wine in wineglass on dark background

 Kings Cross is bursting with activities and fun. There are the ‘floating’ outdoor cinema showings, King’s Cross station (as featured in both Harry Potter and the Monopoly board), and Canal Cruises to enjoy. There’s too much here to squeeze into a single day, so make sure to book your stay with the Swinton Hotel for quality accommodation and hospitality on a budget.


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