London: A Remarkable City to Visit

According to recent news in the Telegraph, London has now become the most visited destination place in the entire world. A surge in tourism last summer has resulted in the capital being officially named as the favourite haunt for such sightseers, and this success is rendered even more noteworthy in the aftermath of the Olympics. One might think that the heightened atmosphere of the Olympics would have been hard to match in more ‘normal’ circumstances. However, the 4.9 million visitors who frequented London over the summer of 2013 actually bettered the milestone set in the Olympic year by almost 20%.

This specific popularity has been attributed to factors such as the birth of the new Prince George, the prolonged good weather in summer 2013 and Andy Murray’s historic Wimbledon triumph. Attractions like the Tower of London, the National Gallery and St. Paul’s cathedral have been performing particularly well, although other forms of entertainment, such as West End shows, have also heavily contributed towards this boom in London’s appeal. It is not only British residents who are spending more money there either, as overseas spending in London also rose by 5% when compared to the equivalent figures in 2012.

The London Mayor, Boris Johnson, has expressed his enthusiasm over the recent appeal that London is commanding as a destination site; proudly dubbing it ‘the greatest city on the planet’. Observers are already looking towards the future with regards to tourism figures, and events such as the opening of the Queen Elizabeth II Olympic Park and the 450th anniversary of Shakespeare’s birth are being viewed as major selling points for 2014. Clearly, the fascination with London is anything but fleeting.

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