Discover the Top 4 Filming Locations in London

London is brimming with hidden gems, some of them being the fact that the capital is often the backdrop of many Hollywood and British blockbusters. So, it’s no surprise that one of the activities often on visitors’ lists is to visit some of their favourite filming locations. Below we count down four of the best filming locations you simply need to check out.

Big Ben with red buses in  London, England

#4 Notting Hill

This classic romance story featuring Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts threw the chic West London neighbourhood of Notting Hill into the limelight. There are many locations throughout London that feature in the movie, including Notting Hill Coronet cinema, Portobello Road, The Savoy Hotel, The Ritz Hotel and Kenwood House. You can take the tube and venture around London to find all these iconic spots.

#3 The Bourne Ultimatum

If you’re a fan of the US hit Jason Bourne franchise then you’ll recognise London Waterloo station in one of the iconic scenes of the movie. An interesting fact is that in order to distract commuters at the station, the camera crew set up a decoy camera set at the other end of the station whilst filming at the opposite end. You can check out Waterloo station to see where the action happened. Afterwards, take a tube to the Charing Cross underground station where this movie was also filmed!

#2 Love Actually

The Christmas classic British favourite is based and filmed in London. You’ll recognise 10 downing street, the home of PM Hugh grant where that iconic dancing scene took place, and the classic final scene filmed at Heathrow airport (which you may find yourself passing through). Other popular spots include Grosvenor Chapel, Mayfair (the location of Peter and Juliet’s wedding), Somerset House, Strand and Selfridges, Oxford Street, which was the setting for the iconic gift-wrapping scene with Rowan Atkinson.

#1 Harry Potter

Of course, London is a Harry Potter fan’s dream and it’s no surprise one of the most popular spots is discovering platform 9¾. The Hogwarts Express famously departed from Kings Cross Station and you can visit platforms four and five which were used in the filming of the movie. You’ll even get the opportunity to have an iconic photo pushing your trolley through Platform 9¾. Afterwards, you can visit the closest things to Ollivander’s wand shop: The Harry PotterT Shop. Remember, the wand chooses the wizard!

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