Cooling Down in London’s Summer

It might still be England, but even London gets hot and dry in the summer. If the heat ever gets unbearable during your stay in our cheap London hotel, then you will want to return to this blog for top tips which will turn an impossible heat into a great experience.


Top Ice Cream Spots

The first item on your summer agenda should always be ice cream – the sweet treat that is the icon of summer fun and good times. Luckily for you, there is a Corner Off License across the road from our hotel where you can pick up cheap ice cream if the heat is too much for you to consider roaming London’s streets for a gelato parlour.

If you are prepared to ride the tube to Covent Garden, then you will find an inundation of cute ice cream shops, but when you arrive at the entrance of King’s Cross station you might find that good ice cream is closer than you think. Just a little down the road is the Godiva Chocolates shop which sells beautifully rich ice creams.

If you’re prepared to walk a little further up York Way and across Regent’s Canal then you can travel to Ruby Violet which sells refreshing and exotic flavoured ice cream as well as sorbet, all handcrafted. Don’t be surprised if you can’t limit yourself to a single flavour on arrival, they’re expecting your dilemma and offer a tasting menu where you can choose six flavours.

Selection of gourmet flavours of Italian ice cream


The next step is to find a pool, because what other activity embraces summer as much as a good swim? Between 2015 and 2016, a fabulous art installation saw the use of an outdoor pool at King’s Cross. Since the art project was removed, your closest and best swimming opportunities lie in the Pancras Square Leisure centre where there are two swimming pools, a jacuzzi and a steam room. Adult prices start at a very reasonable £2.10, as well as being open late until 10pm on weekdays.



After working off your ice cream with a good swim, you might decide that an outdoor picnic would be the best way to spend dinner. In this case, you’ll want to know where all the parks and open spaces around our hotel are. You might want to look for Granary Square with its amazing water displays, or Regent’s Canal for an afternoon spent watching boats. Lewis Cubitt Square is also a great open space that often has an event or art installation going on, so stay up to date with the going’s on around King’s Cross with our blog.


Outdoor Theatre – Regent’s Park

Theatre is undoubtedly one of the best outdoor activities, harking back to classical times when the Ancient Greeks would perform in their amphitheatres – the modern outdoor show can be an amazement for all those watching, and sometimes improved by the occasional weather-induced gaff.

This summer, Regent’s Park will play host to open-air showings of Hansel and Gretel by Engelbert Humperdinck, performed by the English National Opera from June 14th till June 22nd. Later showings include a favourite in the summer months, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and as the heat starts to cool off in August showings of Evita will begin.


London, especially King’s Cross, is a fantastic place to spend your summer if you know where to look and what events are on. When you stay with us at our cheap hotel in King’s Cross you will find yourself at the heart of all these fabulous activities we have described here, so you can start looking forward to a great summer break.

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