Cocktails @ Kings Cross

There are some brilliant cocktail bars near our cheap Kings Cross hotel that you could easily be enjoying when you stay with us. Here are just a few of the best places to purchase your favourite mojito, Bellini or Woo woo.

1)      George’s Bar

Located at the Kings Cross station, this bar epitomises the best classy British designs and architecture from the 20th century – and the drinks’ menu is equally-well curated.

Of course, for this level of sophistication, you can expect a few high price tags, but you’re paying for an hour in a brilliant setting as much as you are paying for the drinks and the customer service.

Cocktail prices start at £12.50 and top at £15.

2)      The Racketeer

A cheaper way to make your evening classy would be a trip to The Racketeer cocktail bar, where cocktails price out between £8.50 and £10. The Racketeer is decorated with a sense of rustic atmosphere. It’s royal blue ceiling and walls work well with the dark wood bar and furnishings.

The Racketeer has some very creatively named cocktails on their menu that we’re dying to try, including; Penicillin in a Storm, Trinidad Swizzle and Jaffa Collins.

3)      MEATliquor

This chain of American Bar’s has a place in Kings Cross where you can go to fill up on classic American street food, in a setting inspired by grunge and graffiti, with reasonably priced cocktails.

With three cocktail menus separated partially by their alcohol intensity, you’re sure to find a scrumptious drink to enjoy here. If you’re looking to try some absinthe-infused delights, why not try their Game Over, or perhaps the Green-Eyed Monster?

4)      Spiritland

The aptly named Spiritland is the perfect place to try a classic cocktail. You’ll find all your favourites here, such as a shandy, highball, and their own twist on martinis. If you’re feeling under the weather, then you might want to swing by The Racketeer first for a Penicillin in a Storm, then head on over to Spiritland for their Pain(Killer) cocktail to chase away the blues.


5)      Megaro Bar

The Megaro Bar is incredibly stylish and, even better, its cocktails are tasty. This bar has a strong Italian theme throughout its design and its cocktail creation. For example, the Bicicletta cocktail has a very Italian backstory about it, which you can find out when you visit their bar during your stay with us.

Megaro Bar also offers a large selection of mocktails – perfect if you’re looking for an evening where those who don’t drink can also enjoy themselves with beautiful handcrafted drinks.

6)      Simmons Bar

If the Bottomless Afternoon Tea isn’t enough to convince you to visit this place, their great Happy Hour might sway you with their 2-4-£10 deal between 4pm-9pm. If you ever fancied a cocktail in a tea pot, you can find it in Simmons Bar for £15!

7)      Drake and Morgan

This restaurant organises its cocktails under the heading Adventurous Spirit and takes its inspiration for its cocktails from all around the world. If you’re feeling adventurous, we couldn’t recommend this place enough!

Prices vary between £9-£11, which is a reasonable price when compared to many of the other bars on this list. If you’re looking for a drink that’s Instagram-worthy, we especially recommend the Northern Lights cocktail, which wouldn’t be complete without its beautiful shimmer syrup.

If you’re on holiday (or looking to make the most of your last day on a business trip) and planning a fantastic cocktail adventure in London, we advise that you partake in our continental breakfast before you head out for the day. Make sure to drink in moderation, remember to eat and stay hydrated!

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