5 Facts About London That You Might Not Know

London, the capital of the UK, has many things to offer. There is so much for you to see and do around this huge city, so you’ll never lack for anything – and you’ll never be bored! You probably already know everything about the landmarks (or the Harry Potter attractions) and a fair bit about the nice spots for a beer, but there are still so many things you can discover. Continue reading

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Making The Most Of London This Summer

With world-renowned attractions available in London all year round, there’s always something to do in the city. Museums, galleries and West End shows offer entertainment and culture at all times of the year and there are plenty of restaurants, bars and clubs to explore as well.

In the summer months, however, there is even more happening in London. The Underbelly Festival is a popular event which takes place every summer on Southbank. With a range of well-known acts, attendees can enjoy headliners, circus shows and live cabaret. Continue reading

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4 ‘Must See’ Attractions for Harry Potter fans in London

When we think of England we think of many wonderful things; ancient history, the Royal Family, Gothic architecture and, of course, Harry Potter!

The boy wizard captured the hearts and imaginations of children everywhere and even though his first adventure was published over 20 years ago, Harry Potter still lives on through our generation.

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4 top things to do for music enthusiasts in London

London is a vibrant city, filled with a variety of places to visit for a number of interests. If you’re a huge fan of music, London is the place to go. From top educational institutions to concert venues and even iconic locations from photo shoots and music videos, here’s the top four places to visit in London if you consider yourself a music buff:

Royal Albert Hall -iStock_000000804429_Large


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Top Tips When Visiting London in the Summer

The summer months in London see the city truly come alive with people and energy, even more so than the ever-present year-round buzz. This is unsurprising as the better weather and time off work offers the chance to see even more sites and experience the influx of street performers. To help get the most out of your time visiting London this summer, here are some top tips.

Tower of London

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