A Guide to The Best London Markets

London is famous for its many vibrant and bustling markets, where you can uncover some hidden gems,  and discover another side to the city. So, here we give a quick guide to some of London’s best and most iconic markets, that are a real treat for visitors to the city.

Borough Market

One of London’s oldest and most iconic markets is the unrivalled Borough Market, which is undoubtedly one of the best food destinations in the city. Offering a vast array of delectable delights, Borough Market is home to a fantastic range of some of the best British and international produce available. As such, Borough Market is a haven for food lovers – so if food is your thing, make sure you pay it a visit. A handy tip is to try arriving as early as possible, especially at weekends (the market opens around 8 am) so you can beat the hungry crowds.

market1 Brick Lane Market

Brick Lane Market has grown significantly in recent years and is a place that has a real buzz about it. The market offers an eclectic mix of different stalls where you can find almost anything. Indeed, the stalls here offer all sorts of weird and wonderful products, as well as some great vintage pieces. Brick Lane Market is also a great place for a bargain and is handily located near a number of great food stops, such as Brick Lane’s infamous curry houses.

market2 Covent Garden Market

Covent Garden Market is a great place to find some amazing hidden gems and is, in many respects, a London institution, offering an array of crafts, gifts and much, much more.


Portobello Road Market

Portobello Road has been home to a thriving market since the 1800′s and these days the market here is more popular than ever. Home to numerous stalls offering a wide variety of items from fruit and veg, to antiques and vintage fashion, Portobello is a real experience and a must-see for visitors to the city.

market4 These are just a few of London’s many amazing and iconic markets. If you’re looking for cheap Kings Cross hotels in London then here at the Swinton Hotel we’re the perfect choice. Conveniently located in the heart of the city of London, the Swinton Hotel is the ideal place to stay during any trip to the city, and the perfect base from which to explore all the city has to offer, including its amazing markets. For further information, or to speak to a member of our reservations team, please don’t hesitate to contact us on +44 (0) 20 7837 1451 and one of our friendly staff will be happy to help.

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Things To Do In London This October

London is a vibrant city with plenty to see and do for everyone, and this October in London is set to be no exception with a number of exciting events to watch out for. Here’s our quick guide to some of the many amazing things happening in London this October

Sherlock Holmes

Arthur Conan Doyle’s infamous literary character Sherlock Holmes in arguably one of the most famous Londoners ever, with the character having captivated generations with his unique brand of wit and detective work. This October will see an exciting new Sherlock Holmes exhibit take up residence at the Museum of London. The exhibit will reportedly transport visitors to the real Victorian London and is set to be a must see for fans of the detective.


Wonderful Wildlife

Another must see exhibit this October, at the Natural History Museum in London, is the wildlife photographer of the year exhibition which will run from the 24th of this month. The highly acclaimed competition exhibition is a great chance to see some truly extraordinary images of some of the most spectacular species on the planet.

natural history

London Film Festival

The London film festival is undoubtedly one of the best events of the year for film enthusiasts. Beginning on the 8th of October the festival will be screening a wide variety of films at cinemas across the capital, from major Hollywood blockbusters to less well known gems.

cinema Chocolate

Chocolate fans will be delighted to hear that the world’s largest chocolate show will be retuning for another outing at London’s Olympia Park from the 17th till the 19th of October. The exhibit will play host to a number of leading chocolate brands from the UK and beyond and will be serving up an array of delicious treats for visitors. The event will also include a number of talks and demonstrations from professional chefs and acclaimed chocolatiers.

chocolate These are just a handful of the many amazing events happening in London this October. If you are looking for cheap London hotels then here at the Swinton Hotel we are the perfect choice. Conveniently located in the heart of the city of London, the Swinton Hotel is the ideal place to stay during any trip to the city and the perfect base from which to explore all the city has to offer. For further information or to speak to a member of our reservations team please do not hesitate to contact us on +44 20 7837 1451 and one of our friendly staff will be happy to help you with your enquiries.

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Must-See Art Exhibitions in London

London is definitely an art capital of the world; there’s always some form of exhibition going on in the big city. So if you’re a budding art student, professional artist or simply just an art lover seeking inspiration, a trip to London is certainly in order. There is an array of fantastic art shows on throughout the year, so let’s take a look at a few must-see shows that you really shouldn’t miss!

Late Turner: Painting Set Free – Tate Britain

 Sep 30– Jan 25


Turner is probably one of the most famous landscape painters to have ever lived. His paintings are full of emotion and colour – his paintings are distinctively his. Brimming with action and yet a glorious ambience, his paintings seem to change as you look deep into them, so they are truly a sight to be seen. So take a trip to the Tate Britain this autumn or winter – you certainly won’t be disappointed.

Trisha Donnelly – Serpentine Gallery

Sep 30 – Nov 9


Trisha Donnelly is an artist from New York, so seeing her solo exhibition at the Serpentine Gallery (shown above) is definitely the option for you if you are looking for something a little more modern. She will fill the gallery with a beautiful and thought-provoking site-specific work. Her work is inspired by the passing of time, light and nature – you can be certain that you will experience something spectacular here.

Constable – The Making of a Master – V&A

Sep 20 – Jan 11


This exhibition is an experience not to be missed; it is an exhibition that features Constable’s influences and his favourite painting techniques. One of Britain’s most loved artists, this exhibition allows you to take a look into his famous masterpieces and develop an understanding of how they were created. It really is an amazing place to seek inspiration.

Freize Art Fair – Regent’s Park
Oct 16 – Oct 19


The Freize Art Fair is a huge event in the art world and this year it marks its 12th anniversary. With over 150 galleries involved you can certainly get your art fix here. It really is an experience that can’t be missed. Artists and art lovers alike from all over the world travel to London just for this special art fair!

London is a fabulous place to visit when it comes to the arts and these are only 4 of the many many art exhibitions that are on throughout autumn and winter. So if you’re looking for inspiration or something a little bit creative head to London for a getaway and have the most enjoyable time! If you are looking for cheap London hotels, don’t worry, here at the Swinton Hotel we offer outstanding, comfortable rooms so that you can experience London and have space to relax afterwards!

For more information please get in contact by calling 020 7837 1451.

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London: Home Of The Theatre

The city of London truly is the home of the theatre. London is home to some of the most iconic theatres in the world, such as the famous Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, and London’s West End plays host to a thriving theatre community. Whether you’re a theatre enthusiast or just fancy doing something a little different, a trip to one of London’s fantastic theatres is a must for all visitors to the city. Here’s our guide to some of the best upcoming shows London has to offer that are sure to captivate you.


Hamlet is arguably one of Shakespeare’s most famous plays and is no stranger to London’s theatres, having been adapted and performed many times. It was recently announced that a new production is set to grace the stage of the Barbican in London next summer, with actor Benedict Cumberbatch having landed the title role. The announcement was greeted by much excitement and the show is one of the most highly anticipated ventures of 2015. Indeed the huge demand for tickets has seen the production become the most in-demand theatre show of all time.


Another modern classic, War horse, adapted from the novel of the same name by author Michael Morpurgo, will also soon be retuning for a run of shows at the New London Theatre. This hugely moving play has received much critical acclaim, winning numerous awards and delighting audiences across the world.


For musical fans another exceedingly popular show currently running in London’s West End is the musical Wicked. To date the show has been a resounding success having been well received by audiences, and is now entering its sixth year.


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London’s Statues Start Talking

“If the statues could talk, what stories would they tell?”

The 19th August unveiled the new ‘Talking Statues’ project, involving 35 of London’s most famous public statues being brought to life with the power of speech. To encourage the statue to speak, passersby must swipe the code displayed nearby and then receive a recorded telephone call from the statue in question. These recorded messages include funny anecdotes, witty tales, humorous stories and the occasional one-liner brought to the streets by modern writers and artistic minds that try to imagine what these notable characters from the past would want to say to passersby.


The project is the latest works by Sing London, who aim to lift the nation’s spirits by filling the capital’s streets with creativity, and are behind many of London’s most contemporary and artistic projects.

The line-up includes the likes of Queen Victoria, Isaac Newton, Peter Pan, Sherlock Holmes and Dick Whittington’s cat; some of the most famous names and moggies of the historical day. The locations of the statues vary all over the city, both indoor and out so be sure to keep your eyes peeled!


The voices of the selected historical figures are brought to life by many a famous name, including; Patrick Stewart, Russell Tovey, Frank Skinner, Anthony Horowitz and Jeremy Paxman, who adopt the personality and character of the statues perfectly! There’s also an amazing opportunity for the public to put their creative words into the mouths of four other statues around the city, including William Shakespeare at The British Library. To enter the competition click here.


For a full lowdown on the historical figures and their new created personalities from The Telegraph, click here. For more information on the project please visit the Talking Statues official website.

Talking Statues is the perfect city instalment for both Londoners and visitors alike to discover, bringing a little eccentricity and something different to the capital’s creative scene. We are pleased to be one of the best Kings Cross Hotels and are dedicated to providing high quality and affordable hotel accommodation in the heart of London. For further information or to book a room please give our friendly team a call on 02078 371 451 today!

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