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London is a fascinating city, and as such it has been featured in film and television more times than you can count. If you’d like to follow in the footsteps of such famous actors as Benedict Cumberbatch, Daniel Radcliffe, and Hugh Grant, here are just a few of the capital’s most recognisable locations.

Speedy’s Cafe – Sherlock

When the BBC brought Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous detective into the 21st century, they couldn’t actually film his famous 221b Baker Street address for exterior filming – there’s far too much Sherlock Holmes memorabilia on the street.

Instead, they took their cameras to the other side of Regent’s Park and filmed on North Gower Street, where you can visit Speedy’s sandwich bar and cafe – yes, it’s real – and enjoy some good fresh food. And yes, that includes specials named the Sherlock and the Watson!

Platform 9 ¾ – Harry Potter

For Harry Potter fans, this is a big draw, and one of the first sights they’ll see in the capital. At London’s Kings Cross station, you can find a railway luggage trolley embedded in the wall beneath a sign for Platform 9 ¾ – and often, a queue of Harry Potter fans waiting to take their picture with it!

Other Harry Potter sights can be seen in London, too – exterior shots of the Ministry of Magic were filmed at Scotland Yard, and both Borough Market and Leadenhall Market offered filming locations for Diagon Alley.

Black Books – Black Books

In Channel 4’s cult favourite sitcom Black Books, the bookshop above was run by Bernard Black (played by Dylan Moran) and his assistant Manny (played by Bill Bailey). In real life, it’s called Collinge & Clark, and it offers an impressive array of rare and secondhand books.

You can’t get a wine ice lolly here, but you can get some really interesting and beautiful books that’ll look great on your coffee table back home.

St Mary’s Garden, Regent’s Park – About a Boy

The lake in St Mary’s Garden is a lovely place for a picnic, where you can enjoy the sunshine and feed the ducks. Just don’t throw an entire loaf of dense bread at them, as the titular boy does, as we can’t guarantee that Hugh Grant will step in to save you from the law.

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