A Day Out at London Zoo will be a Roaring Success

If you are coming down to London for Easter, the May half term holiday or simply as a weekend treat, there is so much to see and do. You never have to travel far to reach one of the capital’s top attractions for many exhilarating days out.

In this article, we will be exploring a perfect day out for a family, couple or friends at London Zoo, just North of our hotel in Regents Park. It truly is an unmissable experience.

Join the Cub Fanclub at London Zoo

If you’re a fan of big cats, you will love watching the lions at London zoo. These inquisitive cats can roar with such intensity that they can be heard from 8km away, though this is a rarity. In the wild, females need to eat 5kg of meat every day, which is why they spend most of their time hunting.

Males need to eat even more; they devour around 7kg of meat brought to them by the females. They put this food to good use by making sure that the boundaries of their home are respected by other animals.

Lions can also run at fifty miles per hour, meaning that you are unlikely to survive a collision with one if it hits you at full speed, never mind those impressive claws and fangs. You can see these majestic creatures for real at London Zoo from the three walkways which safely traverse the 2,500sqm exhibit. The Land of Lions also features some Indian inspired sets to educate visitors about the country from which these creatures come from, so you’ll leave this exhibit feeling smarter as well as satisfied.

You can learn more about exactly what inspired London Zoo’s Land of Lions in this video:


Explore a World Full of Wildlife

Aside from the lions, London Zoo offers 23 other exhibits. This includes the amazing indoor rainforest monkey kingdom, where you come up close and personal with cheeky Red Titi monkeys, Emperor Tamarins and even some cute two-toed sloths.

Alternatively, perhaps the reptile house is more up your alley? If you or your kids are fans of the How to Train Your Dragon franchise, you’ll love seeing the cute axolotl, animals which bear a lot of visual similarities with the main dragon, Toothless. Axolotls are now extinct in the wild due to human expansion and pollution in their natural habitats in Mexico, but they are also difficult to raise to adulthood because they have to be raised through the juvenile stage alone.

The Reptile House also features some coy Philippine crocodiles, bulbous African bullfrogs and captivating King Cobras, all animals with incredibly interesting features, personalities and quirks.

There is something for everyone at London Zoo; from seeing your favourite animal to watching an amazing show, you’ll leave feeling like you’ve travelled the world when in reality, you won’t have stepped even a toe outside of London.


Getting to London Zoo

From our hotel in Kings Cross, the easiest way to reach London Zoo is to take a short walk towards King’s Cross Station Pancras Underground which is less than ten-minute’s walk from the doors of our hotel. Then, you simply need to take the tube to Camden Town, hop off at Camden Town half an hour later, and then it’s a short sixteen-minute walk from the station to the zoo. Overall, it will take you around an hour on public transport to reach the zoo from our hotel, but a car could take you there in as little as fifteen minutes.

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